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My Jewish Identity

facilitated by Merav Berger

A Jewish Leadership Series for Pre-teens and Teens

My Jewish Identity: Services


This enrichment program emphasizes positive Jewish leadership and offers teens and preteens a safe, inclusive, and non-judgmental environment where they can explore their personal connection to Judaism through expressive arts-based practices. The workshops integrate traditional Jewish study with innovative and creative approaches to make room for all types of learners.

Some of the Sessions*

◦ B’Tzelem El*him

◦ Tikkun Olam

◦ G’milut Chasidim

◦ Ahavta Lareicha K’mocha

◦ Ahavat HaZulat

◦ Am Israel

◦ Pirkei Avot

◦ Bereshit

◦ Birkot Hanehenin

*These and additional themes can be custom designed to meet your organization’s needs


By the end of the workshops, participants will be able to:

◦ Work collaboratively with a group of people

◦ Positively contribute to shared vision and common goal

◦ Think out of the box quickly

◦ Feel confident expressing ideas in public

◦ Actively listen to other people ◦ Articulate well in spontaneous encounters ◦ Embrace a “yes, and” attitude

◦ Accept some failure as necessary to success

My Jewish Identity: List

My Jewish Identity: Logistics & Pricing

• Workshops can be offered weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or for a set period
• Prices, themes, and number of sessions are all negotiable and intended to meet your organization’s needs
• The workshops can function as a series or as standalone sessions
• Group size: 6-18 participants
• Duration: 1.5-hrs
• For online sessions: Participants will need access to wi-fi, a web-browser, copy/paste capabilities, blank paper and writing utensils, and various personal art material

My Jewish Identity: Text


Single-Session Workshop

Please contact me for package pricing

For more than 3 sessions

My Jewish Identity: Price List
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