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JEXA Players

facilitated by Merav Berger

An Immersive Jewish Theater Experience for 2nd -12th Graders

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This immersive drama series for 2nd – 12th graders offers a personal theater experience rife with opportunities to create, produce, and perform plays, musicals, and films inspired by people and events in Jewish history.

Through collaborative processes, participants conceive, design, and produce their own production (online or in-person) rooted in Judaic content and modern-day influence, which will be presented to a public audience.


By the end of the series, participants will be able to:

◦ Relate to and know the story of historical and biblical Jewish figures

◦ Conceptualize and create believable characters with dimension and depth

◦ Write monologues, dialogues, or short scenes inspired by the people and events in Jewish history

◦ Design and create a set, props, costumes, sound, or light for theatrical productions

◦ Work collaboratively and creatively

◦ Present a production either via stage or video

◦ Problem solve, speak publicly, and memorize texts

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JEXA Players: Logistics & Pricing

• Workshops can be offered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or for a set period. 5 minimum
• Prices and number of sessions (after 5 sessions) are all negotiable and intended to meet your organization’s needs
• The workshops can function as a series or as standalone sessions
• Group size: 6-12 participants
• Duration: 2-hrs, minimum 5 sessions
• For online sessions: Participants will need access to wi-fi, a web-browser, copy/paste capabilities, blank paper and writing utensils, and various personal art material

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5-session series

Please contact me for package pricing

For more than 5 sessions

JEXA Players: Price List
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